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The new energy vehicles and earnings race
Time:2014/8/19   Hits:2201次

   The new energy for passenger car industry (currently policy on promoting with plug plug (in) hybrid electric vehicle and the passenger car) overall, 3-5 years, is still the road test and research, the empirical data accumulation phase, and the automobile industry and adjust the 2012 planning of new energy vehicles to 5% of the target market share to realize pressure (more than 90 million).

   Short, we suggest that risk preference investors can participate in related stocks speculative satellite. Look, we choose to have long-term larger vehicle market share of company. Byd, such as the trial operation of the taxi E6 equivalent accumulated empirical data process, the steps of the electric system development is crucial in this aspect, who walk in front, who will eventually lead in electric fields.

   Technical route and subsidies with expectation. Efforts

   The new energy vehicles technical path clearly. The new energy vehicles financial subsidies pilot notice explicitly pointed out that new energy vehicles by subsidies for plug type plug (in) hybrid vehicle and pure electric vehicle, the former performance-to-cost not less than 10, the latter is not less than 15 kilowatt hours, it is domestic KWH pointed out the development direction, oems is high, pure electric hybrid will get more policy, choose the technical route of enterprise have advantages,

   Subsidies with expectation. Efforts Rules that accords with a condition of the new energy vehicles, according to 3000 yuan/KWH oems subsidy, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the maximum subsidy for each car respectively, 6 yuan RMB 50,000 yuan. This is a basic market is expected to conform to subsidies strength, but it should be pointed out that, at present the new energy vehicles, and even the whole cost remains high ceiling price subsidies, according to subsidies will also force than the traditional cars, configuration, so need to station, professional fiscal parking, electricity use the link preferential subsidies.

   The recommended products into the car models in the catalogue of enterprise to obtain starter. Rules of automobile enterprises apply for subsidy, the new energy vehicles must have been incorporated into the new energy saving and application demonstration car models, the recommended catalogue so far, domestic share 43 manufacturers of more than 100 kinds of models into this directory, including passenger vehicles, including 27 pure electric, fuel cell vehicles for more than 50%, each faw-sedan, changan auto, Shanghai automotive, chery automobile, the byd 9 companies, these enterprises will undoubtedly made larger starter.

   Small-engine cars benefit most

   "Energy" promotion allowance for some cars will produce substantial influence enterprise. The detailed rules for the implementation of the promotion of energy-saving auto emissions in the scope of subsidies including 160 L and gasoline and diesel vehicle (including hybrid cars and dual fuel automobile), because of hybrid and dual fuel automobile price generally higher than the same power, configuration of gasoline and diesel car, each 3000 yuan one-time subsidies for this class of vehicle dynamics is relatively small.

   Therefore, we think that the biggest beneficiaries of policies are small-engine, saving fuel economical performance of traditional vehicle. Enjoy preferential purchase in purchases duty rate 7.5% under the premise of 3,000 yuan, enjoy preferential, the discount rate.

   With a car for 10 million invoice price of cars for example, according to car purchases duty in 2009, the preferential tax policy to halve the amount of 100,000/1.17 * 5% = 4274 yuan, and in accordance with the present policies favorable amount for 100,000/1.17 * 2.5% + 3000 yuan, the 5137 = than 2009 policy. Synthetic fuels limits policy meet the economic benefits, the biggest passenger vehicles listed company benefit, which also included chang an automobile, jianhuai motor, Shanghai automotive, dong and economy-car engine power (power), the cloud inside car diesel engine) (etc.

   "Ten thousand vehicles" three towns of new energy vehicles will be good coaches wider extension. January 2009, saving energy and began work of new energy vehicles popularization of ten thousand cars (choose three towns) in Beijing, Shanghai, chongqing city as the first thirteen cities, to promote pilot fiscal policy encouraged in the city bus, lease, business, sanitation and postal etc. To promote the use of public service domain new energy vehicles, obtained some achievements, in fact, the biggest orders are concentrated in the new energy city bus.

   At present, the public service domain new energy vehicles to promote urban expansion, will give twenty of new energy industry has brought new passenger demand. Listed companies in the car, Mr Fukuda benefit in 2009 Mr Fukuda car passenger sales of new energy vehicles above, in the new 700 energy coach expanding market in the industry, but the present new energy of profits in key parts are concentrated, passenger vehicle profit is very low.

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